Changing Mindsets

Africa is changing. Everyday, the much discussed potential of the continent is being realized; Africa is brimming with innovation, creativity and vivacious people. As the African landscape grows in population, resources and expertise, it births new opportunities for its people and its continental neighbours. For this reason, it is increasingly important to influence the African youth, and promote business and development discourse amongst African millennials. #OPENSPACE launched in 2018 to address the need for greater social impact, collaboration and transfer of knowledge and skills, in the African business and creative space.  

The vision is to Change the African Narrative by Changing the African Mind.  The challenge is to encourage, engage and empower pro-African minded youth to take on leadership roles & initiatives, capitalize on their talent and engage their passions to create innovative social & business solutions, that positively contribute towards solving Africa’s greatest challenges.

Peer Learning &
Networking Community

#OPENSPACE creates a Peer Learning and Networking Community of business professionals, creatives and entrepreneurs through three safe spaces: #Huddles, #Workshops and #Experiences. 


Usually seated in a semicircle, our #Huddles take the form of an intimate session in which the speakers and Community members
engage in conversation at eye-level. With each individual, having equal attention and contributing power as the next, our #Huddles reveal how much contribution we desire to, and can, make towards the improvement of the various systems and cultural practices affecting our society. 


‘Strategy Made Easy: A Special Workshop for Techpreneurs’ and ‘Breaking into Global Markets (As a Ghanaian Business)’ are two of the most
engaging #Workshops we’ve had thus far. With
select individuals offering their expertise on a
given topic; the transfer of knowledge, interaction with new concepts and strategies, and the
opportunity to network with industry experts are a few of the reasons why our community members love to partake in our #Workshops.


#OPENSPACE partners with different
organisations to create unique event
#Experiences. In 2019, we’ve collaborated with
Tribvl Africa, Foundervine, and Wax Print Fest, to host panel discussions on ‘Deriving Economic Benefit from Africa’s Emerging Dominance In Pop Culture’, ‘A Diasporan Conversation On Setting Up A Business in Africa’ and ‘The
Business in African Print & Culture’


Touching The World

#OPENSPACE is committed to making a tangible impact in its immediate communities. Our conversations and activities garner the human and compassionate support needed to effect positive social impact on the world; and help people. Our Community takes on different social initiatives including partnering with schools to mentor students, offering training on health & well-being in relationships & family life, support for our environment and volunteering for charities.

These initiatives vary based on our annual focus and the concerted interests of the
Community, as guided by the
Sustainable Development Goals. #OPENSPACE has
Quality Education, Decent Work & Economic Growth, Reduced Inequality,
Gender Equality and Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure
as the goals our Community
will tackle.

We are determined to Change the African Narrative by Changing the African Mind - at #OPENSPACE we recognize that we cannot accomplish this goal without also
addressing the social dilemmas that plague our context. By creating avenues for stimulating conversations on social dilemmas, our Community garners human and compassionate resources to tackle our most imminent issues, from
education, to the environment and our overall well-being.  

In respect of positive social impact, #OPENSPACE is focused on impacting Education - the systems and culture surrounding it - by hosting events and undertaking projects in universities and schools. #OPENSPACE is proud to be partners with Lancaster
University and MEST Africa; where we have hosted #Workshops on Business
Strategy and Technopreneurship
, respectively.

The Engine