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Welcome to SafeSpace

This is an Initiative by the SafeSpace Team that is tailored to your individual mindset growth.  The difference is in the mindset. An important tool you have to create the future you want is your mindset. The SafeSpace Initiative will help you align your mindset one step at a time.

SafeSpace is a growth platform made up of accountability & growth partners and a community aligned in a space for growth whilst respecting individual differences and uniqueness. 

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What is SafeSpace about ?

SafeSpace Initiative represents a community of individuals interested in being accountable to each other in a program tailored to achieving a growth mindset.

We seek to align you as a SafeSpace Member with an Accountability and Growth partner known as a Safe Space Moderator through a well-tailored process and program with us. 

The objective is to facilitate an inclusive and welcoming environment that establishes a supportive relationship leading to growth.

Why is this important?

Most people don’t take the time to understand the significance of the mindset they choose to develop. Most people also don’t take the time to intentionally develop a mindset that supports them to create the kind of future they want for their life. 

Don’t be one of those people. Be intentional about developing a mindset that aligns with the future you want to create.

The purpose is to promote accountability in individual growth journeys to foster progressive development and facilitate change within our community.

Privacy and Confidentiality within our community is crucial for fostering trust and creating a resilient, vibrant, and trustworthy community committed to a growth mindset.

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Become a SafeSpace Moderator

A SafeSpace Moderator is an Accountability and Growth partner that will mentor those assigned to achieve an overall growth mindset over a set period.

The SafeSpace Moderator must meet all onboarding requirements and be successful to begin the process. 

The SafeSpace Moderator will be required to undergo a coaching and training session to be able to facilitate all assigned SafeSpace members.

Become a SafeSpace Member

A SafeSpace Member is a community member who seeks to achieve an overall growth mindset over a set period through our well-tailored program.

The SafeSpace Member will complete a growth assessment questionnaire which will help in understanding specific needs and allows for tailored support.

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