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Partner With Us
Connect with thousands of Africans striving to make an impact across the globe. We believe partnerships breed better outcomes and by leveraging our global networks and expertise, we can learn, make genuine advancements and jointly pursue our objectives. Join us as we seek to empower African professionals and entreprenuers!
Partnering With Us offers you an opportunity to:

Boost your brand

OPENSPACE is a trusted and respected brand, having collaborated with more than 20 partners to empower 3000+ African professionals and entrepreneurs.

Reach new audiences

Through hosting a space (event or conversation) in your city, venue or online, we will help you gain new audiences through our access to African creatives, professionals and entrepreneurs globally and equally benefit from full marketing on our social platforms.

Get Access To Our Team of Experts

We will connect you to our network of top experts who will help you achieve your organisational goals, expand your profile and broaden your pespectives.

Create impact

Collaborate with us to co-develop and implement spaces that are in line with your organisational goals and values that impact African professional and enterpreneurs both on the continent and in the diaspora.

Host A Space In Your City

Interested in transforming the mindsets of African entrepreneurs and professionals in your city? Are your goals aligned with leading change? If so,


Let’s collaboratively make this happen!

Host a space at your venue

Would you like an OPENSPACE event or conversation hosted in your premises? Are you looking to gain a new clientele base?


Partner with us today!

Host a space Online

‘Virtual’ is the new norm. Partner with us to host an event online and reach an even broader audience globally.

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