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Double your team's productivity with our mindset workshops.

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We help leaders activate high-performing teams that deliver exceptional results.

Our team has trained for 

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OS4B accelerates mindset transformation in teams through curated peer learning and open honest group coaching.

Great leaders know exactly when to get help.

Our sessions are perfect for teams who fit any of the following scenarios.

New Teams

Build engagement in a team you have recently built or inherited.

Stagnated Performance

Fix paralysis in long-standing teams

Unlocking New Potential

Supercharge your already successful team to unlock their next level of productivity.

Routine HR Training

Beef up your trainings with new flavour.

Culture Boost

Renewing the spark in a team that may be facing a declining culture.

Company Retreats

Crown your company retreats with unforgettable mindset boosts.

Choose a session topic that suits

your team best. 

🧠 Productivity


We enhance your team's approach to productivity by empowering  them with vital skills and a new way to think.

Session Topics :

  • Tech Tools for Better Work

  • Navigating Data & Information 

  • Results vs Effort | OKRs & KPIs

  • Think Lean: Do More With Less

  • Winning with Systems

  • Documenting Properly

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We empower teams to apply technical skills effectively by amplifying their nuanced soft skills. 

Session Topics :

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Communication that works

  • Critical thinking 101

  • Project Management

  • Prioritisation & Time Management

  • Problem-solving 101

⚡️Spur Growth

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We help advance high-potential team members, equipping them with the brainpower and capacity to rise to the next levels of their careers

Session Topics :

  • Tech Tools for Better Work

  • Leadership & People

  • Diversity & Cultural Intelligence

  • Change/crisis Management

  • Judgement & Decision - making

  • Mastering strategy


teams transformed.




additional revenue generated after our sessions.

5+ years

experience helping teams excel

we've trained in


Changing mindsets changes outcomes. 

Hear from teams winning with our sessions.

"The OS4B session was a total hit! It was not only engaging but also remarkably insightful and impactful. The moderator’s ability to connect with the audience and solicit our perspectives was truly remarkable. It created an inclusive environment that allowed everyone to actively participate and derive meaningful insights from the discussion."

Evy Nyairo

Global People Operations, IDInsight

Make the bold step to transform your team.

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