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To make unique contributions we believe a great team is especially important. Everything we do is to enrich African changemakers by catering to their mindsets and well-being. We are keen to uphold our mission but also ensure that our talented team grows professionally.

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Become a Country Chapter Lead

Are you a leader, eager to drive positive impact among Africans on the continent and abroad through open and honest conversations?  Join our team for a period of 9-12 months for 10 hours a week and lead a team of 2-5 individuals in designing and implementing transformative mindset strategies. Get involved today!​

Benefits of becoming a country chapter


Gain skills and experiences

Leading a team of 2-5 persons will expose you to different leadership skills whilst equipping you with tangible skillsets through our different projects.


Impact Badge

You will receive an Openspace Impact Badge on Linkedln to showcase your contribution towards making the world a better place.


Get access to unlimited safespaces

You will have access to unlimited access to safe spaces consisting of 3-10 members and an expert for personal and professional growth.


Gain international exposure

You will have access to our networks across the globe, allowing you to view the world differently, gain new skills and knowledge and build a unique network of relevant contacts.


1-1 Coaching sessions

Grow both professionally and personally through our 1-1 coaching sessions with our advisory board members and founder.

Become a Fellow

Join our fellowship program for a period of 3-6 months for 10 hrs a week, where you get an opportunity to work in different departments within the organization, gain experience and skills, transform your mindset and network with like-minded people. Limited roles are available, apply today!

Benefits of becoming a fellow

Get certification

You will receive a recognition certificate for your contribution upon completion of your fellowship term, making you stand out in pools of opportunities.


Access to two safe spaces

During your fellowship period, you’ll have access to two safe spaces with a professional and a group of 3-10 persons for personal development and well-being.


Gain experience and skills

 Our fellowship program will allow you to deep dive into real-life tasks that will sharpen your professional skills and help you gain new insights.

Become a Volunteer

You have the power to make a difference. Volunteer with OPENPSPACE for 3 months for 5-10 hrs a week, contributing your skills to a good cause. Get involved today!​

Benefits of becoming a volunteer


Gain skills and experiences

Volunteering will give you an opportunity to build experience and develop skills across sectors such as event logistics and production.


Networking opportunity

Being part of our core team, you will get an opportunity to network with the OPENSPACE community during events or conversations.


Access to one safe space

You will have access to one free safe space with a professional and a group 3-10 persons  for personal development and well-being.

Become a moderator

Give back to the community by leading highly engaging conversations and sharing your knowledge and experience.

Benefits of becoming a moderator


Increase your credibility

By showcasing your expertise during our conversations, you will increase your credibility, therefore, connecting with our different partners both locally and globally.


Drive more traffic to your brand

Openspace will spotlight your brand -work, organization, etc. on our online social platforms and during the event or conversation.


Access to one safe space

You will have access to one free safe space (a group of 3-10, paired with a professional) session  for personal or professional growth.


Private Networking Platform

Get access to our private networking platform made up of a team of experts and the OPENSPACE community.

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