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Recap: Raised to Cheat 🇬🇭

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

We recently hosted an insightful event on 26th May 2023 called "Raised to Cheat," where the aim was to delve into the toxic aspects of Ghanaian culture that contribute to challenging adult relationships. Moderated by Letitiah Obiri and Mr Dei, the event sparked open and honest conversations about infidelity, its impact, and ways to foster healthier relationships. In this blog recap, we will take you through the evening's key discussion points and highlights.

The conversation began at exactly 6 pm prompt with an engaging self-awareness game where the audience affirmed their stance and beliefs related to relationships and cheating based on their personal experiences and beliefs. This light-hearted exercise set the stage for an inclusive and interactive discussion. This also allowed the audience to share their thoughts on why people cheat, emphasizing the need to explore the topic without casting judgment. The audience delved into a candid conversation, shedding light on the complexities and motivations behind infidelity.

Relationships & Marriage

Mr. Dei shared his personal journey of love and commitment, highlighting his transformation from his old self to his new self. The audience, including those in relationships or marriages, actively participated and shared their perspectives on what constitutes cheating and explored the cheating spectrum. Letitiah provided insights into the cheating scene in Accra, opening the floor for feedback from the audience on tell-tale signs of potential infidelity.

Cheating from Culture

The conversation then shifted to the role of Ghanaian culture in condoning or encouraging cheating. Participants discussed the origins of these cultural tenets and the toxic notions that both men and women need to unlearn. The normalization of seemingly harmless behaviours that create room for cheating was explored, along with strategies for healing and growth after a cheating episode.

Tools & Tips

Our moderators guided the audience to self-audit their beliefs and behaviours regarding cheating. They encouraged participants to evolve from being a cheat to becoming better at staying committed. Sticky situations, such as differing expectations around intimacy, maintaining personal space, conflicting love languages, and the influence of extended families, were addressed with practical advice.

The audience in reflecting on challenging Ghanaian culture and fostering a more positive outlook. The conversation ended on a high note, emphasizing the importance of shared values, effective communication, vulnerability, and trust.

The "Raised to Cheat" event facilitated open and vulnerable conversations about the influence of toxic cultural norms on relationships and was a testament to OPENSPACE's mission of transforming mindsets and nurturing a supportive community dedicated to positive change.

Stay connected with OPENSPACE to be part of future events and join a vibrant community committed to personal growth and transformation. Follow us on social media and visit for more information.

Thank you for being a part of this transformative conversation!

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1 Comment

Very insightful session. Happy to have been a part of this discussion.

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