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#OPENSPACE is a pro-African platform and event series for thinkers, business professionals, creatives and entrepreneurs. Through safe spaces created in diverse locations across different cities worldwide, we are a growing community for peer learning, intelligent conversation, networking and collaboration on different aspects of our socio-economic world.

#OPENSPACE has been organised in partnership with Impact Hub, the MEST Incubator, Lancaster University, Zoom, Foundervine, 8 Volta Workspaces and British Council Ghana. In under a year, #OPENSPACE has held 15 events, trained and coached over 1000 people and grown a Community of 700 people.

Our workshops, huddles and experiences have focused on diverse topics such as: ‘Dissecting the Ghanaian Work Ethic’, ‘Setting Up A Business in Africa - The Diasporan Perspective’, ‘Mental Health in the Workplace’  and ‘Maximising the Economic Benefit of Africa’s New Dominance in Pop Culture’



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