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Transforming mindsets with
our honest conversations.

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The mindset-shaping platform for Africans all over the world.

OPENSPACE is a social enterprise that empowers Africans on the continent and in the diaspora with the spaces, mindset tools and community to lead change and live a fulfilling life.
Become the best version of yourself with our community events.
Pursue a meaningful life of impact. Attend our quarterly community events in your city to expand your perspective on hot social topics. 

The OPENSPACE experience helps you heal, and grow and inspires you to do better. Joining the community connects you to rich content and truly exceptional people. All for free.

How OPENSPACE drives change

OPENSPACE has built a unique methodology to rapidly connect with our audience's innermost selves. Our work is predictable and has been verified to transform 6000+ mindsets in the last 5 years.
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We identify a social or human challenge that requires a perspective shift to drive change.
We convene the relevant audiences and partners to deliver the open conversation experience.
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We architect an interactive dialogue structure with research, conversational prompts and a selection of moderators.
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We support participants thereafter with resources to actualise the mindset shift and address the challenge.

Recent Topics

With experts and volunteer teams on the ground in 5 cities, OPENSPACE is notoriously known to host some of the most brutally honest public conversations locally to date. 


Our spaces are hosted by some of Africa's brightest minds.

Fred8 Apaloo - Villa Grace_edited.jpg
Dentaa Amoateng - Founder GUBA.jpg
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William Adoasi - Vitae London_edited.jpg

Fred Apaloo
Villa Grace, GH

Dentaa Amoateng

Sunita Kragbe
Basecamp Initiative

William Adaosi
Vitae, London

Maya Hordan Famodu - Ingressive Capital Nigeria_edited.jpg

Maya Horgan Famodu
Ingressive Capital, NG

Lambert Akwa -Head of Communication, Twitter_edited_edited.jpg

Lambert Akwa
Head of Communication, Twitter

Arnold Sarfo-Kantanka_edited.jpg

Arnold Sarfo-Kantanka
Future of Ghana

Terry Afram -Bridge Partners GH_edited.jpg

Terry Afram
Bridge Partners, GH


It's very rare to find people you can be safe with. OPENSPACE has been the gift I didn't know I needed.

Esi Otchere

Esi Otchere (Ghana)

Admissions, Webster University

Be intentional about making change.

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